February 9, 2009

5 Ridiculously Cheap Online Marketing Tactics

So, you have decided to start an online business. Good idea! It does not cost much to set up one either. However, it’s the online promotion after that which could cost your dearly. People with a lot of money to spend on advertising can try using the traditional methods like billboards, newspaper advertising & radio & television advertising to promote their online business. But here’s good news for all those people who don’t have a massive budget like eBay or Amazon. You can still get people to visit your website by using these amazingly simple & cheap techniques.

Save Money

Forums: Did you know simply participating in various forums & posting your views & ideas can potentially bring new growth & life to your online business?

We are all looking for traffic to our websites & if we can get it for free with little effort, that’s even better. Did you know that when you sign up as a new member at a forum, you can usually create a “signature” line that will be attached to every post that you make in a forum. This signature line can contain your website URL & as other members read your post, this will provide a route for potential customers to find your website.

By participating in forums, you will meet other people who have online businesses & who have a lot in common with you. Not only can you share tips & tricks of the business, it’s sometimes comforting to know that there are others who share your occupational frustrations & will be there to support you if you need them.

Example: Aside from the thousands of general forums, there are also many niche forums on every imaginable topic on earth. You can go to a dedicated forum of the topic your business deals in, post a comment & leave your signature to get more traffic. If you are a real estate company then you can go to a real estate forum, start participating in the discussions & have a signature link pointing to your website to increase your brand visibility.

Blogging: A business blog can be one that tells customers more about the business & why they are a trustworthy company. This often gives a personal face to the company & instills confidence in both the business & the employees & services that are featured in the business blog. The blog should be updated regularly in order to attract regular readers who want to find out more about the business & any news that occurs within that business. Even a small business with little start-up cash can create a marketing blog.

Here a classic example of effective blogging: Nike has a blog of its own to promote its product, nikeblog.com. Here, they have detailed information of all the shoes launched & the readers can comment about them as well. By having a dedicated blog like this, Nike has expanded its marketing program without too much fuss or extra effort. (more…)

January 22, 2009

From Marketing to the Making of a President, the Internet Works Everywhere

The year 2008 witnessed a different kind of war in The US. There was a change in the air when an African American made an entry to The White House for the 1st time. Barack Hussein Obama, a man with amazing personal charisma, influential public speaking skills & an unruffled demeanor created history by beating his opponent Senator John McCain in the Presidential race.

Both the US Presidential election candidates, Senator Barack Obama & Senator John McCain gave each other cut throat competition in all aspects. The election strategies were many & among them was the attempt to influence voters through Internet campaigns. This time, candidates used text messages, videogames, satellite broadcasting & a highly contagious amount of viral videos to broadcast their message, interact with people & raise funds.

President Obama, online marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing

Obama chose an excellent marketing & campaign team & his instinct for marketing took him to great heights. On one hand, McCain’s emphasis was on tried & tested TV advertisements & print campaigns, whereas Obama on the other made use of novel marketing tactics such as connecting to the public online to get contributions through his website. Since the beginning, Obama’s campaign relied on fundraising through online donations. Obama’s campaign broke records for most money raised in a day. The campaign reports that it received an average contribution of $86 per donor from 3.1 million people—online.

The McCain campaign also leveraged online marketing & raised plenty of money online but it was not as thorough & impressive as Obama’s, who successfully leveraged the might of online tactics & communicated with his supporters in new & direct ways such as mass texting. Based on compete data Obama’s site received 5.5 million unique visitors, while John McCain’s site received 3.1 million visitors. With the usage of logos, slogans, comprehensive fonts & promotional ideas on the web, Obama marketed himself like a high end consumer. (more…)