January 22, 2009

From Marketing to the Making of a President, the Internet Works Everywhere

The year 2008 witnessed a different kind of war in The US. There was a change in the air when an African American made an entry to The White House for the 1st time. Barack Hussein Obama, a man with amazing personal charisma, influential public speaking skills & an unruffled demeanor created history by beating his opponent Senator John McCain in the Presidential race.

Both the US Presidential election candidates, Senator Barack Obama & Senator John McCain gave each other cut throat competition in all aspects. The election strategies were many & among them was the attempt to influence voters through Internet campaigns. This time, candidates used text messages, videogames, satellite broadcasting & a highly contagious amount of viral videos to broadcast their message, interact with people & raise funds.

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Obama chose an excellent marketing & campaign team & his instinct for marketing took him to great heights. On one hand, McCain’s emphasis was on tried & tested TV advertisements & print campaigns, whereas Obama on the other made use of novel marketing tactics such as connecting to the public online to get contributions through his website. Since the beginning, Obama’s campaign relied on fundraising through online donations. Obama’s campaign broke records for most money raised in a day. The campaign reports that it received an average contribution of $86 per donor from 3.1 million people—online.

The McCain campaign also leveraged online marketing & raised plenty of money online but it was not as thorough & impressive as Obama’s, who successfully leveraged the might of online tactics & communicated with his supporters in new & direct ways such as mass texting. Based on compete data Obama’s site received 5.5 million unique visitors, while John McCain’s site received 3.1 million visitors. With the usage of logos, slogans, comprehensive fonts & promotional ideas on the web, Obama marketed himself like a high end consumer. (more…)