June 23, 2008

The New and Improved Google Trends

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Google Trends, a service introduced by Google Labs, is a tool that reflects the popularity of a search term. The results that show up reflect data collected from the beginning of 2004 till present. This data is represented through graphs and it is possible to compare the volume of searches for up to 5 different terms pitted against each other. Below the Trends graph, will be displayed a few regions, cities and languages in which searches for a particular term were made. The result page of Google Trends can be downloaded in Excel format. Below is an example of the way in which a search is represented. In the first image, some of the top languages in which the search was conducted is represented. The second image shows the top ten countries that conducted the search. Note, the search here conducted was to see the volume of results of four terms compared together. The four coloured bars represent the four search terms.

The idea behind the launch of such a tool was to find out the most popular search terms or keywords across different people of different countries. Although the results were previously displayed only in the form of graphs, earlier this month, Trends updated its service, to now provide users with numerical representations accompanying the graphs.

More importantly, the new version of Google Trends has expanded its reach, working also for websites. This means that users can now enter specific domains into the search box to compare the traffic information from those domains. If a user wants to compare two sites, the two domains can be entered into the search box, separated by commas.

The information received from such a search broadly covers these three aspects: traffic numbers, location and related websites. That is to say that if one conducts a search to compare two domains, the result of the search would include:

1) The number of visitors for each of the two domains

2) The geographical area from which these visitors arrive at each site

3) The other websites that were searched for, or visited during the same session.

This new version of Google Trends can only bring good news to general search users, especially website owners. It provides a reliable source of information that could not only help in choosing the right keywords for a specific geographic area, but could also be used to track the number and the location of website visitors for one’s own as well as one’s competitor’s site.

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